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News and Notes from 4th Grade



I enjoyed meeting with you at Parent Teacher Conferences.  This week your child DOES HAVE HOMEWORK.  They were assigned the following:


1. Two digit by two digit multiplication (20 Problems).  To receive credit students must show all work.  Answers are located on the back for students to check.

2.  Reading Log to Participate in the Pizza Hut Book It

3. Spelling Word Study (Lesson 15 Listed Below)


The cost for our field trip is $13.00.  Students can start bringing money at any time.  If parents are writing a check, please make it out to Ewalt Elementary.


This week we are working on LONG DIVISION in math.  We will continue to have multiplication and division facts test on Fridays.  

Spelling Lesson 15 Words:

1. tiniest

2. hobbies 

3.  copied

4. countries

5. pitied

6. easier

7. laziest

8. families


10. happiest

11. ladies

12. friendlier

13. studied

14. busier

15. breezier

16. prettiest

17. noisier

18. healthier

19. butterflies

20. funniest

21. heaviest

22. categories

23. communities

24. multiplied

25. qualities


Have a great week!

Leslie Lewellen