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Allison Suhr

5th Grade Teacher

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About Me

Educational History:


I graduated from Valley Center High School in 2010.

I went to Kansas State University after high school and graduated in 2013

I earned my masters degree from Fort Hays State University in 2017           


Degrees and Certifications:

B.S. in Elementary Education

- Area of Concentration: Social Science

M.S in Instructional Technology


Professional Development:

  • Project Based Learning Training

  • Building Relationships with Students Training

  • Student Growth Measures Training

  • Cognitively Guided Instructions Training

  • Google Applications Training

  • Growth Mindset Training

  • Project Lead the Way Training

Current Position:

My professional experience as a 5th grade teacher at Ewalt Elementary have reinforced my love of teaching. I have learned that respect and forming a positive classroom environment are important parts of management . Each year of teaching, I have had a unique group of students that require different types of management. Even some of the roughest students can be won over with respect. Being a role model and mentor to each student has shown the possibility of changing a student's heart for the best. I strive to instill the love of learning into the hearts of all my students. Some students need to be shown that they have the potential to accomplish any goal that they set. I learned that becoming an optimistic influence can make a difference for my students. Forming a positive rapport and meaningful relationships with students and staff has always been one of my first goal as a teacher. Through my experience as a teacher, I continue to be a life-long learner. I began working on my Master’s Degree in instructional technology to find new, innovative ways to teach my students. Also, professional development during inservices has been valuable for learning ideas from a training or taking away from what other teacher are doing in their own classroom. I want to be the best possible teacher I can be for my students.


Previous Position:

One of my very first experiences was when my second grade teacher let me take home some old reading textbooks at the end of the year that were going to be discarded. I cherished those books over the summer, as I would read from them to my siblings and assign them the questions from the end of the story. Even in eighth grade for a career day, I chose being a teacher as my profession for the simulation. While at Kansas State, I had numerous opportunities to work with students in different grade levels and setting. One of my most cherished experience was student teaching in a fifth grade classroom. This experience taught me the dedication it takes to be an exceptional teacher. Student teaching in Olathe, Kansas provided a diverse population of students which allowed me to practice how to differentiate for various learning styles. With a class size of twenty-seven students, I learned how to properly manage a class. I found that depending on the group, management styles and techniques may need to be adjusted so every child feels like they are in a safe and comfortable learning environment. In the fall of 2013, I graduated from Kansas State with my degree. My next experience was working with a wonderful student with Down Syndrome in a kindergarten classroom as his paraprofessional. I learned from this experience that every student is capable of learning. Being a compassionate and hardworking individual, I put forth 100% of my effort in making sure this student would achieve in and out of the school environment.


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